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www.artadrawing.com was a web site dedicated to the world of art. Its main topics looked at online drawing and the various styles and techniques that artists use in their drawing. The website would look in depth at different artists from the famous to the not so famous.

The site featured a large array of articles with drawing at the heart of the content, as well as hints to different ways to draw, their was a light hearted side to the website which hosted different competitions and contests. Winners art work was then displayed on the site.

Year 7 teambuilding

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I was recently asked to organise an event at the beginning of term for our new year sevens. The brief was that it should help them to get to know each other, be relevant to pshe education and of course be fun. I scoured the Internet which gave me a few ideas but the task for 210 pupils was rather daunting. Especially when I was told the pictures?and maybe video would be used as promotion for attracting future year?sevens.

I decided that a team building day would fulfill all if my criteria and luckily found a company that specialises in team building and problem solving activities. The company was fab and they completely organised the day.

The day was a complete success with some great pictures to entice the next years intake. There was a large range of activities ranging from some that just used a small amount if equipment such as blindfolds to more complex equipment that the company brought to the school and set?up.

Talking to the company after they told me about their maths workshops using group activities as the method of exploring maths problems. This is certainly something I will be looking into for later in the year and we have already booked them for the beginning of next term.